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About this Tour My dear Albania is a tour with Albanian best destinations.  During our journey we will see the most important historic sites of Albania , the best nature parks . Albania is known as country of tolerance between religions and we are going to visit Old Mosques ,Churches…
About this Tour Join Albania Food Tour and explore the finest local cuisines Albania has to offer. This gastronomic adventure is especially designed for food lovers by food lovers. Enjoy amazing views and sunsets over the seas, relaxing strolls through some of the most beautiful towns of Southern Albania, stunning…
About this tour This is a photography bird watching  tour focusing on two main bird species – the Dalmatian Pelican and the Flamingo. Karavasta Lagoon  is one of the true jewels of European birding and the core of a nature reserve that is a relatively unexplored wonderland of beauty and…
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This will be adventure and fun day - canyons ,waterfall…

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Berat city tour – Walking tour of Berat with – Visit a local family Discover Berat  which is inarguably one of the most beautiful towns in Albania! Go back to the Ottoman era and find their traces in the King Mosque, the 14th-century Bektashi Mosque, Mangalem and Gorica Castle along with its churches and the…


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