Wine Tasting Culinary day in Roshnik

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About this tour

Explore  the countryside, tasting  fine wine and food, and best of all, experiencing the true meaning of Albanian hospitality. Discover The village of Roshnik . Enjoy the views of the hills ,and walk through the vineyards . Meet locals and taste the best wine of the region . Eat  the traditional food of the area . In the same time  if you like do walking or swimming.

A little bit about the region

Roshnik sits about 25 minutes outside of the city of Berat. A landscape of fertile, rolling hills, bursting with olive groves and vineyards, this area is exactly what s[rings to mind when you hear the words “winemaking country”.The story of Kantia Alpeta started back in 1991 after the fall of Communism. The land that once belonged to the brutal dictator, was partitioned and given back to the people. The Fiska family was given 3.4 hectares of land, some of which was already lush with vineyards. The presence of these vines served as an inspiration to Beqir Fiska who having studied at the Agricultural University of Tirana in the 1970s, wanted to put the land to good use. The decision was taken to create a winery on the land, a move that inspired other farmers in the area to do the same.

By 1995, the winery had started making small quantities of wine and raki made from the grapes that grew on their land. The problem was that Albanian wine wasn’t popular and it was difficult to drum up support from local wine drinkers. During this time, Beqir continued studying and experimenting with the cultivation of different types of grape, in particular, the Pules grape that is native to Albania. This particular grape is an autochthonous grape that grows as a tree vine and has now become one of the most loved and sought after in the region.

As well as the white pules variety, the kantina also makes Merlot (2004, 2005), a Merlot-Cabernet (65% Merlot 35% Cabernet) and a Merlot 2015 Reserve (my favourite).

The kantina ( winery ) also makes raki; normal raki and one that is aged in an oak barrel. Unlike some other producers of raki, Kantina Alpeta uses the same quality and type of grape for their raki as they do for their wine, understanding that quality is not something that can be compromised. If you have an opportunity to try the oak-aged raki, then I suggest you do so as it is deliciously spicy and hot- a real treat for the taste buds! The Kantina sits on the top of a hill, overlooking acres of farmland below. In the garden of the Fiska family home grow tomato’s and pomegranates, and you can sit in the shade of a large tree whilst you take in the beauty of your surroundings. This is a really special place and if you are after a totally authentic winery experience, then this is most definitely it. As we sat sipping our wine and raki, I watched horses and donkeys trundle past, and workers stoking the fires that are used as a part of the raki distilling process in the shed beyond.

The Fiska family also own a restaurant just next to the mosque and I must insist that you do not visit without lining your stomach here. Reminiscent of a sort of tree house, they serve up the most fantastic traditional food you can imagine. We enjoyed goat that had been slowly roasted on a spit, with fresh garden salad, potatoes, and a selection of cheeses- all the fruits of the land that surrounded us.

Start - EndCulinary and Wine Tasting in Roshnik

• Start driving from Berat to Roshnik aprox 20 mn
• Visit Alpeta winery ,
• Explore the vineyards ,
• Taste 3 types of wines (1 white +2 red )
• Lunch in a rustic restaurant
• Fishing or walk on a small lake shore ( separate itinerary )


(1 Review)
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    February 9, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    Beautiful day in the village. Enjoying fine food and wine

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