Olive Oil Tour in Berat – Special tours only ours

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Olive oil tour in Berat , opportunity for wine tasting and lunch

  • 1 Day
  • People in Group

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About this Tour

Olive oil tour in Berat, the opportunity for wine tasting and lunch. Visit the surrounding villages of Berat and walk under the olive tree, enjoy nature on this trip and also meet locals. Explore the surroundings of Berat on a day trip or half-day trip it depends on you.  We can do a combination of this tour with wine tasting, and culinary – Eat lunch in a small restaurant in a village. If you are in Tirane or other corners of Albania dot worry, our English speaking driver or our tour guides will come

Join us for an all-inclusive exploration of the famous Berat’s  Olive Oil tours and discover its fine subtleties in a tasting experience of the senses. Start your journey from the routes of its production all the way to the bottle and your tasting buds in a peaceful cottage just outside Berat. The goal of our tours is to give you an introduction to the values  of our region

  • Harvest Olives
  • Meet locals
  • Taste local food
  • See the process from fruit to olive
  • Take 1/3 l olive oil with you
  • Berat villages
  • Guided Tour
  • Specialty – only us
  • Private or Group tour / Families /Friends / Children’s / Seniors
  • Duration 5 hours
  • Opportunity to customize this tour
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  • Transport per all itinerary
  • Tour Guide
  • Olive oil tasting
  • Lunch in a village
  • Visit the village
  • 250 gr of olive oil

Additional info

Olive oil Tour in Albania is best in November December -when olives are harvested and new oil pressed./. The tours can start in October till January/ Olive oil tasting available from October to March / Opportunity to combine this tour with wine tasting / Private or group tour / Several villages - Roshnik - Drobonik - Malinat / Opportunity to sleep in the village / Opportunity to customize /


We will meet early in the morning.
Start driving from Berat and going 5-10 km in Hills of Olives
Meet our farmers and help them collect the olives. Enjoy the natural surroundings and walk under olive trees .
Several brakes if you will be tired. Walk around,take photos or talk with Albanians. Learn more about olives of Berat and local varieties
Lunch – Picnic with homemade food. Taste the homemade food together with the farmers
All the olives you collect will be carried by a donkey or a car
We will go to the olive oil factory. There we will proceed with an olive oil tasting accompanied by cheese and bread. The new oil is a bit bitter but tasty.
There you will see the process of how olive turns into oil
Take your bottles of Olive Oil. Opportunity for wine tasting in a small family-run winery /
Transfer to Berat
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