Grand wine tasting tour of Berat

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Explore one of the oldest and best wine producing regions in Albania and know the history of Berat; how it started producing wines in the 8th century BC. Meet the families who started growing grapes in their own gardens and backyards so they could create Rakia and wine for personal consumption.Eat a lunch in a small village and walk in the vineyards

Opportunity to choose the wineries –

Tour can be : 1 winery /2 wineries /3 wineries/

Wine tour itinerary

We are proud to tell that one of 5th indigenous grape is from Berat

Puls/Pules – Though originally used to make rakia, a traditional fruit brandy popular in Albania, this grape now yields some of the finest dry white wines in the country. With its delicate floral bouquet and long finish, this could be a worthy addition to your wine cellar. This grape grows in the Berat County of Albania.

 1st Nurellari Winery – famous for Montemeca.

  • Located in the South of Berat near Osumi valley we are going to explore the vineyard and mee Fatos, the man who spent his life while producing wine.
  • View of river and valley is unique. Trying some Albanian Snack and Sure some “Montemeca”

What is montemeca? It is a dry red wine made of 3 type of grapes Montelupciano Merlot Cabernet. For 2011 this was the best wine of Albani.Let us hope he still had some bottles from 2011.

2nd Roshnik village and Alpeta Winery

  •  The place of Puls. This is the place where the famous puls are cultivated since a thousand years, even before Alpeta was not a famous winery in Albania. It is like a hidden treasure keeping the authenticity and taking care about their Puls. This Grape is not just a grape for them but is part of their identity. The village.
  • Itself is magical surrounded by hills lakes valleys and vineyards. From there we have a full panorama of Tomorri Mountain
  • Let us try Puls in the place of Puls the special white of Berat
  • After wine tasting, we will have lunch prepared by a local product. When we say local, they are really local kind of isolated recipe and they dot want to give it back to another village or town.
  • The restaurant itself is rustic type give you the feeling of living hundreds of year before.
  • After lunch visit in a Historic House. The house where Six Grand Vesir of Ottoman empire cames from.
  • A little bit of walk around the village after lunch and get ready to go on the best Albanian Winery called

3rd Cobo Winery famous for Kashmer and The red of Berat

 Why Kashmer ? Because it combines with the classical triple Kabernet Shesh and Merlot.

  • The Red of Berat is inspired by the red color of our famous Pictor called Onufri.
  • Shesh I Bardhe or Shesh I Zi indigenous Albanian grape comes in 2 kinds – White or Red White wine.
  • And not to forget, Albanian wines are 13% vol so please drink carefully!

This is the last stop. After Cobo winery back on hotel or your destination

Whats Included :

  • Transportation per all itinerary
  • English Tour Guide ,
  • Wine degustation on : Cobo winery ,Nurellari Winery ,Alpeta Winery
  • Lunch on Roshnik in traditional restaurant .

Whats Extra ?

Bottles of wines and local product you want to take

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