Drive & Hike Top of Tomorri mountain


Experience the 4×4 Drive through the Holy Mountain – Drive 2416 m above the sea level and learn more about the Bektashi ( Sufi Muslim ) See the Islamic monuments and walk around the Holy Mountain .  Feel how is to be on the highest summit of God Mountain and see the Abas Ali Tomb – Learn why is one of the biggest pilgrim destinations of  Albania

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  • We will start at 9 am and after a 3 hour drive, we reach the top.
  • First 20 kilometres the road will be of asphalt and it will take us to the valley of the river.
  • After that, the terrain will change completely.
  • Begin the safari for 28 km from the bottom to top of the mountain.
  • We will pass through the quaint villages where life seems have not moved for the past 100 years.
  • You will find old houses, horses, ships, herbs, tea on the mountain and a wonderful view of hills that belong to the other part of Albania.
  • After a 1 h drive on the mountain, we will stop to visit Teqe – a mosque for the Bektashi sect. Teqe is located 1400 m high up the sea level. There we will know more about this branch and also the history of its construction. This is the nerve center for the Bektashi from all over the wold. This is also the reason why it is referred to as the Holy Mountain in Albania.
  • From the Teqe the view is wonderful, if we are lucky, we can meet someone from this branch in one of those Teqes. Just beside the Teqe, there are some monumental Tombs of holy people !
  • After that, we start driving to the top and it will take us about 1 h to reach there. Here, see the mountain touch the sky and feel the clouds all around. We will be over the clouds like the Gods of Homer.
  • On the highest point, there is a monumental Tomb dedicated to Abaz Ali, the main Imam of the Bektashi and the grand grand son of Prophet Muhamed.

Whats included ?

  • Transport is included
  • Tour Guide
  • Profesional Driver
  • Food (Sandwiches,fruits, juices  etc.)

Whats extra ?

Visit of Bogova Waterfall

Additional Information

    • The price is for 2- 5 persons.
    • For groups more than 5 persons the price will be lower.
    • For 1 person price will be higher.
    • Take with you : Hiking Shoes ,Jacket ,Sunglasses ,Camera ,Water ,Small backpack
    • Extra things will be not more than 10 euro
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