Day trip from Tirana to Bylis and Ardenica

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Byllis was an ancient city located in the region of Illyria.

  • 1 Day
  • Bylis
  • Private or group

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About this tour

This tour will take us to Byllis an ancient city located in the region of Illyria. The remains of Byllis are situated north-east of Vlorë, 25 kilometers from the sea in Hekal, Fier County, Albania. Stephanus of Byzantium mentions Byllis as a seaside city (erroneously) in Illyria and its foundation legend, according to which the city was built by Myrmidons under Neoptolemus, returning from the Trojan War, a tradition confirmed by numismatics. The Bylliones are first attested in the mid-4th century BC, in the description of the geographer Pseudo-Scylax, and also asking the oracle of Dodona to which god they should sacrifice in order to ensure the safety of their possessions. The archaeological attestation of the city is possible as far back as the second half of the 4th century BC and was later conquered by Pyrrhus. According to another view, Byllis was founded by King Pyrrhus of Epirus.

  • Guided Tour
  • Bylis
  • Ruins and Views
  • Visit Ardenica Monastery
  • Ac vehicle
  • Pick up drop off at your hotel or any destination
  • Approx 8 hours

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Aditional Information

  • Minimum number of participants 2
  • Private or group tour

Price Includes

  • Entrance fees and all taxes
  • Transport
  • Fuel
  • Tour Guide

Start - End

• Our driver will come in morning at your hotel or meeting place
• Start driving to Bylis
• Visit Mallakastra ,a small town near Bylis founded during communist time famous as the city of Petrol. Hundred of oil wells .
• See the communist Architecture buildings
• Visit Ancient town of Bylis
• Bylis is one of the oldest ancients sites of Albania
• Visit all Bylis attractions
• Visit Hekals Tyrbe ( tyrbes are tomb of Dervishes ,Bektashi wich is a branch of Islam they believe this is a holy place
• Drive back to client destination


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