Cycling in Karavasta Lagoon

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Cycling in Karavasta Lagoon is an extraordinary opportunity to discover Karavasta: a bike itinerary around the National Park

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  • Karavasta Lagoon
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About this tour

Cycling in Karavasta Lagoon  is an extraordinary opportunity to discover Karavasta: a bike itinerary around the National Park  nestled between the sea and the Lagoon. The activity, about three four hours long  can be completed by using your own bike or our bikes   and following an expert natural and environmental guide. Birdwatching and Boat trip opportunities

Fauna, history and nature: indispensable elements in an unforgettable excursion along the  coastlinei, crossing an incredible variety of landscapes shaped by nature and wild life activities. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful areas of the Albania

Additional information

Birdwatching- We like to combine our biking tours with bird watching guided by the best experts of the natural park

This is for those who want to discover the less well-known and crowded areas of the Adriatic coast.  Under the lead of an expert nature guide, who will provide you with information on the history and the peculiarities of the nature of the area you will cross along the tour, you will enjoy a truly unique ride! Visiting the lagoon by bike will allow you to come into contact with the soul of a land where nature has always played a leading role.

Cycling around the Karavasta  Lagoon you will be able to admire the great variety of landscapes that will open before your eyes: lapped by the waters of the Adriatic Sea and of the lagoon, the itinerary will cross breath-taking views… Sand dunes, golden beaches and vegetable patches in addition to the extraordinary lagoon landscape with its canals, fishing valleys that form the background to Karavasta spectacular skyline.

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Start-EndCycling in Karavasta Lagoon is an extraordinary opportunity to discover Karavasta: a bike itinerary around the National Park nestled between the sea and the Lagoon

• Meet expert natural and environmental guide.
• Introduction about the flora and fauna of the lagoon in the visitor center
• Take our Bikes guided by our expert
• Cycling through the lagoon and the park
• Visit the Birdwatching Tower – See the birds with our specialist
• The lagoon is home of the Dalmatian Pelican – 7 % of the world population stays in this lagoon
• See the Flamingos as they come recently and choose the lagoon to be their home
• See a fishing base ( one of the oldest techniques of fishing )
• Lunch with lagoon product in a small restaurant Drop off

Karavasta Lagoon

(1 Review)
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    Karavasta Lagoon
    May 25, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    beautiful day exploring the lagoon

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