Culture trip of southeast albania

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Highlights Of South Albania Riviera

  • 1 Week
  • Berat, Korce, Permet, Pogradec, Voskopoje
  • People in Group

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Culture & Adventure Tour Around South East Albania

Visit South East Albania, a big region where some of the nicest cities are located.  Berat and Korca are famous for the history ,culture ,art and tradition.Between them there are some hidden treasures like Skrapar Aka Corovode famous for nature, water, mountains and the Osumi Canyon. Polican is a small town founded only to create guns during communist time

Day 1Berat ,Bogova waterfall ,city of guns Polican Osumi Canyons overnight Permet

• We start early in the morning from Berat. Our driver can pick you up from hotel and we start driving on south direction of Berat. The views during the drive will be a spectacularmosaic of mountains , hills , valleys ,old villages ,vineyard , bunkers and an old Guns factory.
• We stop for a break in Bogova ,a village famous for nature and a hidden waterfall. After a snack at good café we start walking to reach the waterfall.This area is very rich in herbs,water and hundreds type of trees that will accompany us during our easy trek .
• Start driving to Polican . A city founded to produce guns during Communist time, it was the most secure town of all Albania during Communist time. If you would have liked to visit it during that time it would have been impossible. The factories are still working, though not to produce guns but they are doing the opposite .They are destroying all the guns they produce .
• We take a short walk in town and than we stop in front of the Tunnels ,build to protect communist leaders in case of an atomic strike from the Western countries.
• Our next destination will be Skrapar aka Corovoda , famous for its Canyons The edges of the canyon have an unusual ecosystem that preserves the greenery on both sides of the canyon year-round. Mediterranean bushes like heath and briar flourish along with rich flora and fauna. On the slopes of the canyon, erosion has created pockmarked cavern walls with small caves. Some of the rock formations in the canyon have fanciful names such as the Cathedral, the Eye, and the Demon’s Door. The canyons are 26 km (16 miles) long, at an altitude of 450 m. They are thought to have been formed 2-3 million years ago by water erosion.The local inhabitants tell many interesting legends, such as those of Mulliri i Babait, Vrima e Nuses and Saint Abaz Ali. The canyon includes six narrow sections ranging from 1.5 m wide in the riverbed up to 35 m wide further up the sides of the canyon.
• There are some nice places to swim and to hike around canyon . The water is not so cold. So we are going to spend about 2 hours in this great canyon .We will indulge in a picnic Lunch with traditional food.
• After our lunch we start or adventure Journey to Permet, the city of flowers .Check in our Hotel so you can relax a little bit and we are going to try their special desert called Gliko.Gliko is their traditional cuisisne; so they are the best in making it from every flower ,fruit ,vegetable .
• Walk around the small town of Permet .
• Dinner in the restorant.

Day 2Permet – Overnight Korca

• After breakfast , we make our way to one of the highlights for all East and South Albania; the Natural SPA and thermal waters of Banja. Here, we will take a short walk and swim in this natural pool.
• Start driving to Korca. During this drive, the views will be spectacular as we go up a mountain till we arrive an attitude 1000 m over sea level . You will see alpine valleys, lakes and woods along the way
• We are going to spend our lunch in an amazing agro farm . They do everything by their own, growing their own vegetablesand breeding fish. It s a big area where we can walk and enjoying their mini zoo that houses horses, donkeys and different species
• Drive to Korce ,the city of Serenade. Check into your hotel and then explore the town .Walk around the famous Promenade of Korca and take the lift up Korca Tower from there we can see all town.
• We will then visit Korca Pazar, the biggest in Albania. The Pazar is extremely well preserved from the XVIII century, with old houses ,several shops selling traditional crafts and lot of cafes.
• Then we pay our respects at the oldest monument of Korca, a unique Mosque just few meters from Bazar
• Korca is famous also for its Culinary scene. Tonight its going to be a special dinner with many varieties of dishes.

Day 3Korce-Voskopoje – Pogradec –Tirane

• We start early in the morning and visit one of the most famous part of Korca: Moscopole or Voskopojë(in Ablanian). This is a small mountain village in Korçë County, southeasternAlbania that isn’t mentioned much in guidebooks, but worth a visit. It was the cultural and commercial center of the Aromanians in the 18th century.
• At its peak in the mid 18th century, it hosted the first printing press in the Ottoman Balkans outside Istanbul, educational institutions and numerous churches and became a leading center of Greek culture .
• Leaving Korca, we make our way to Pogradec a small town among Ohrid Lake. The city of Pogradec and its surrounding area are one of the most beautiful Albanian pearls, with much to discover. The region dominated by the fantastic Ohrid Lake, and surrounded by fields nestled between picturesque mountains will be your panorama throughout your stay in Pogradec. The harmony of nature, and the friendliness of the inhabitants will make you wish to return, time and again.
• Then we will visit Drilon, famous for springs and special fish called Koran and Bylysh that are endemic to the region. The best place to eat them is in Drilon. They also have their technique to cook it. Locals believe in a legend since the past thousand years that Koran signifies good luck.
• With unforgettable memories, we return to Tirana.
Whats Included?
• Transport –pick up at hotel drop of Tirane • Food –2 breakfast 2 lunch 2 dinner • Professional Tour Guide • Local Tour Guide • Desert Degustation • Accommodation : 3 stars Hotel or Guest Houses . Twin or Double Room • Entrance fees for Parks and every attraction during all tour
Whats Extra ?
• Drinks during Lunchs Dinners • Café during our brakes • Lunch on 3rd day
What to Bring
• This is going to be a combined tour Culture &Adventure • Its good to take comfortable clothes ,hiking shoes ,swim suit ,sun glasses ,camera to make pictures • Level of Trek- Easy
Good To know • Accommodation will be in twin or double rooms .For personal room you will charge 60 eur + • Prices are flexible . For groups bigger than 5 pax prices are lower • If you want to add or decline something from this itinerary please write to us . • The last day of tour is optional – we can make a short visit in Macedonia to st Naum Monastery • For Bloggers ,Journalist Tour Operators and everyone who is interested in Tourism Marketing prices are lower • If you have any special demand write to us . We are going to do the best for you
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