Classical Tour Of South Albania Riviera

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Highlights Of South Albania Riviera

  • 1 Week
  • Apollonia, Berat, Durres, Gjirokaster, Tirane, Vlore
  • People in Group

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About this Tour

Explore the exotic beaches of south Albania along with rugged mountains. The tour also takes you back in history with a visit to Roman amphitheater, Ethnographic Museum and the old Monastery of Saint Mary.

Day 1Tirane Explore ancient Durres- overnight Berat

• We start in the morning around 8:30. Our Driver will pick you up at the Hotel
• We stop in Durrës, home to the biggest seaport in the country, it is located 34 km away from Tirana. It is the most ancient city in Albania, with almost 3,000 years of history. Its foundation dates back to 627 B.C. when the Corinthians and settlers from Corcyra invaded the Illyrian territory of the Taulants. The city is home to many ancient archaeological sites and finds. The most notable tourist attraction in Durrës is the amphitheater of the Roman Emperor Hadrian with 15,000 seats, the second biggest amphitheater in the Balkans .
• Visit Roman Amphitheater, Walk inside the Italian Part of Town, a long road on both sides with Italian Architecture from 1930 when King Zog was in power.
• Visit Archeological Museum, the biggest one in Albania. The Archaeological Museum of Durres is a great place to observe the ancient culture of Durres. Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine artifacts give a sense of how much foreign influence Durres had received in each period.
• Visit Berat Castle, built during 4th century BC. The biggest in Albania and in Balkan.
• Explore the Old Churches painted with frescos. Visit iconography museum, located in the Castle of Berat.
• Lunch in a restaurant Inside Castle.
• Check in Hotel for a short rest and after we explore the other part of the town
• King Mosque the oldest in Berat.Build during 1490 from Sultan Itself
• Helveti Teqe is located in the same yard as King Mosque is one of the most interesting Religious monument in all Albania. Its ceiling decorated with 24-carat gold and the walls are painted with a great technique.
• Visit of Ethnographic Museum Berat located in old town. The building of Museum itself is a huge monument of architecture. An old typical house one of the Biggest in Albania.
• Walk in the famous Promenade of Berat . Locals call it Xhiro! Since XVI century, it is being used by rich people to show off their wealth. Several cafes, shops, boutiques

Day 2Introduction of albanian history Apollonia – Gjirokaster

• We start early in the Morning. Our driver will pick up at hotel
• It is going to be a short drive from Berat to the ancient town of Apolonia
• The fascinating landscape of the archeological park, which has been preserved in an exceptionally intact condition, comprises a successful combination between the beauty of monuments and nature, attractive through its long history, in an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation The city flourished during the 4thcentury AD as an important economic and trade center. Over time it was expanded over the whole hilly slope including an area of.81 ha, surrounded by a large wall of 3 km of length and 3 m of width.This archaeologic park or site contains a Museum of Archaeology that is situated at the old Monastery of Saint Mary.Visit the museum with a professional tour guide of Apollonia to know more about its history
• Start driving te Gjirokastra The main characteristic of Gjirokastra is the intensive use of stone in building the houses, which look like small fortresses, the streets of cobblestone, which all lead to Bazaar. Famous as the Birthplace of Communist Dictator Enver Hoxha and Ismail Kadare, the first international Booker prize winner.
• Lunch in a traditional restaurant The town of Gjirokastra is also known for its culinary art; we can enjoy special dishes like pasha qofte, shapkat, oshaf with dried figs (a dessert with sheep`s milk, sugar and dried figs),
• Check In hotel for a short break or if you are not tired we can go on with our visit
• Walking on Gjirokastra Bazaar .
• Visit Zekati House. It is one of the most magnificent and characteristic buildings of Gjirokastra. Built in 1811-1812, it is a magnificent three-floor building and has two twin towers. A special feature of the house is the wooden carved ceilings and the characteristic guest room. From the wooden balcony of the third floor, you can enjoy an impressive view of Gjirokastra
• Visit Castle of Argjiro The most important structure of the city is this castle. The origin of the city starts with it, built in IV century AD. The city was named Argyrokastro, in 1336.
• Dinner – And free time to explore town during the night. Walking on cobbled paths during nights is spectacular

Day 3Lovely day with combination of nature ,history an swim gjirokastra-Blue Eye-Sarande Butrint

• We start early in morning
• Its a short drive from Gjirokastra to Saranda . We are going to make a short stop to Blue Eye ("Syri i kaltër") water spring. The clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a stunning, more than fifty-metre deep pool. Divers have descended to fifty metres, but it is still unclear what the actual depth of the karst hole.
• The immediate area (180 ha) is a nature reserve and is characterized by oak and sycamore trees
• Cup of coffee at one of the bars, enjoying the nature.
• Visit the Ancient city of Butrint located in the heart of National Park
• Today it is an amalgam of monuments representing a span of over two thousand years from the Hellenistic temple buildings of the 4th century B.C. to the Ottoman defenses created in the early 19th century. According to classical mythology, Buthrotum was founded by exiles fleeing the fall of Troy. On arrival, Priam’s son Helenus sacrificed an ox, which struggled ashore wounded and died on the beach. Taking this as a good omen, the place was named Buthrotum meaning “wounded ox”.
• Lunch in Ksamil the pearl of Southern Albania Ksamil Beach. It was included in the Guardian's list of 20 best beaches.
• Check in Hotel
• Visit Saranda Promenade with the perfect view of Ionian sea, lot of artisans sell their crafts and souvenirs
• Lekursi CastleThis former castle is now a restaurant, but come here for the superb view of Saranda and Butrint lagoon, especially at sunset

Day 4Traveling back through albanian coast . history ,natue ,swim

• Start in the early morning and prepare for The Ionian coastline. This is the last day, it will be long but amazing
• This area is known for fascinating beaches with deep and very clean waters.
• Some of the most exotic and interesting old the south of Albania are Dhërmi, Jal, Himara, Qeparo, Borsh,
• From the Llogara Pass, which is 1,057 meters above sea level, the breathtaking coast can be seen as if from the vantage point of an airplane.
• Stop in several places to take photos or coffee break. If you want, you can also enjoy swimming in the crystal waters of the coast.
• Visit Porto Palermo Castle, built by Ali Pasha. It is famous for the best Albanians architecture along with perfect view of the Ionian
• Vlora –The biggest city in Southern Albania . Very famous for the history of independence.In 1912 Albanian Patriots declare the independence of the country from a balcony of 2 floors villa .Many Albanians celebrate the Independence days here in Vlore
• Lunch in Vlora
• Overnight Tirana
• End of tour
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