City tour and lunch in the castle

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This is a photography bird watching tour focusing on two main bird species – the Dalmatian Pelican and the Flamingo

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  • Berat

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Culinary and City tour Of Berat– As the Walking Tour of Berat is one of our bestsellers for very first time this year we thought to give you a real taste from Berat during your city tour . To know better a country is through its people and its food ,meeting locals ,go in their homes and eat lunch or dinner with them. We have a wide choice from the culinary tours ,and this tour is for those who have a short time in Berat

The culinary and city tour of Berat will take you in a family who lives inside the Castle of Berat . There we will eat the traditional food prepared with lot of love from the family and hear more about their stories or the way of living . In the same time our city tours include the visit of the all historic district of Berat . Do the walking tour of downtown ,visit the medieval Islamic Complex ,Tour of Onufri Museum and all important monuments of Berat .

Visit the Castle – Inside the castle, they built churches with valuable frescoes and icons, and also a calligraphy school. Uniquely today, residents still live inside of the castle walls. The three major neighborhoods of the old city are Mangalemi, Gorica, and Kala, where the castle itself is located.

This tour will give you the opportunity to get ant introduction with the History ,Culture ,Culinary of the region in a short time.

We are proud to tell that Berat region is famous all over Albania for its Culinary ,History and Culture

To know better the culinary of a  region you have to go in local families and eat the dishes they eat in their daily life . Many restaurants offer a very good traditional food in Berat but the best of Traditional food could be found only in a simple family.

About the history : On our tour we will give you the best information  ,as we all are locals who lives in Berat we have some information that you can not find in wiki ?   We will start with the antiquity ,Medieval ,Ottoman ,Communism and the life now day . To know more about the history and life you have to see the town with the eyes of a local

About the Culture – Berat have been famous as the city of Artists ,Artisans and as the city of the tolerance between the religion .

Always on our tours this is a part that we want to show to the guests who are coming . See how Albanians respect and celebrate all the religious fests and how Muslims ,Christians ,Jewish lived in peace .

Jewish ??? Yes Jewish in Berat since in 1510 . They had their freedom to practice their religion and yes they had their quarter called the Jewish Quarter now day called Rruga a Cifuteve ( St Jewish )

Experience the Culture ,Culinary and the history of Berat – We are waiting you


  • City tour
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fee for castle and Onufri Museum
  • Tour guide

Walking tour itinerary

• The perfect place to start is Berat Castle.This 2400 old castle is still home to local people since 4th century BC, and has never been vacated.
• First, meet Nina Fredi and their son Arjan.They are a traditional Albanian family living inside of Berat Castle.Their house was built during the XVII century, and they are trying to keep it as it was without making any changes.Fredi is a master in buildings furniture, and Arjan is following the steps of his father.
• Have a little coffee and a glass of raki to warm up.After raki and reading the future on the Turkish café cap, see what it is like to be a guest in a traditional Berat family.They are warm, kind, and even though they know only few words in English and Italian, one can understand their smile and what they want to tell.
• Enjoy homemade food prepared by Nina, famous for her deserts made with different kind of fruits.
• The family have a big garden in the house, which is a great place to see all the buildings in the Castle complex.
• After lunch, hang out with locals, see the old churches of XIII Century, old Mosques, and many other monuments along with iconography and ethnographic museums.
• Also see more than 20 attractions inside the castle, and over 10 attraction in the old part of Gorica & Mangalem towns.
• Dinner at Baba LLuka House: Luka or Luciano is a young man living with his mother, wife, and two sons.He is trying to start a family business that involves offering accommodation and local food to visitors.While here, the food will be served by his mother, a lovely old lady who gives love and kindness as she serves.
• After dinner in the veranda, with a magical spot of Berat, hear some stories from Lluka from his youth, when he tried to go with the biggest revolution of 1997 after the mass communism.
• Stay overnight at the guest house of Nina and Fredis house or at Luka House, depending on their availability.
• Baba Lluka and his lovely mother with our guests
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