Canyon and Bogova

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This will be adventure and fun day – canyons ,waterfall ,old communist buildings   

Go in one of the largest canyons of Albania – Visit Bogova waterfall on of the biggest natural parks of the region than stop at Polican a town founded during the communist time . Swim in Osum Canyon and walk

  • We start early in morning since there will be many things to do. It will be a nice drive with stunning views of river, valley, old houses and mountains.
  • On the way we will see Polican, a town founded only to create guns. During Communist time it was the most secure place in Albania. Nowadays it seems like a Ghost Town though the taste of  the past is still there. Old factories of guns, and sophisticated bunker and tunnels built to protect the important persons of Communist government are still here.
  • After 1 hour drive from Berat, we will stop in Bogove, a special village famous for its picturesque views of nature, with itsnational park, freshwater, mountain big trees.
  • We will start an easy hike to reach the hidden Bogova Waterfall. The fresh water of the river which is created by waterfall will follow us all the way. We will be “disturbed “ by the voice of river, sounds of birds and wind. The weather will be cool & pleasant in this place.
  • After 30 minute easy hike, here we are in Bogova. The hidden waterfall and the special sounds of it will be music to the soul. Brave tourists can jump and swim in the cool clean water.

After experiencing the waterfall  we will move to Osumi Canyons, known as Colorado of Albania . Its about 15 km long and the highest part of Canyon is about 78 m. Created millions of years ago it gives a special feeling with the Osumi river going through this canyons, and different kind of trees, birds and everywhere a place to swim or take photos.

  • We take a short break to explore a bit by our self, and after admiring the beauty,
  • Swim explore or hike in the canyons
  • We will go back to two more stops and learn about the two legends. One legend is about Abaz Ali a fighter the cousin of prophet Mohamed and locals believe that his soul comes to rest in eternity here in our Land. The followers call themselves Its one of 12th Islam Branch, the biggest in Albania with their headquarter is Tirana. The other Legend is a secret, that will be disclosed to you when we are at the canyon!
  • Back in Berat

Whats included

  • Transport per all itinerary
  • Tour Guide per all itinerary
  • Entrance fee
  • Transfer from Berat to Canyon and opposite
  • Picnic ( Sandwich ,water ,drinks )
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