9 Days Tour My dear Albania

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We want you to be a guest and not a tourist

  • 1 Week
  • Apollonia, Berat, Durres, Gjirokaster, Korce, Kruje, Permet, Saranda, Shkoder, Tirane
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About this Tour

My dear Albania is a tour with Albanian best destinations.  During our journey we will see the most important historic sites of Albania , the best nature parks . Albania is known as country of tolerance between religions and we are going to visit Old Mosques ,Churches ,Teqes . Some of our destinations are not on touristic maps . Regions as Permet ,Benja ,Pogradec . My dear Albania goal is to give you how is to be an Albanian ,why we are proud ,whats our history ,whats our culture ,whats our traditions ,our language ,our hospitality ,our culinary ,our architecture .

We want you to be a guest and not a tourist

Whats included?

  • Food :Breakfast and Lunch during all itinerary . Glass of wine ,or Beer ,Cola Water ( only 1 drink included )
  • Lunch order – One appetizer like : soup ,salad ,cheese ,etc One Main dish like : Meat ,or traditional dishes of the country we will be )
  • Tickets ,entrance fees for all museums and attractions during all tour .
  • Accommodation 3 stars Hotels Twin or Double room
  • Tour Guide and Professional Driver .
  • Transport for all tour City tax Vat tax

Whats extra?

  • Dinners and drinks during dinners
  • Cafes during our brakes

Additional Informations

Itinerary can be change if you will like to see other attractions or if you don’t want to see all the attraction listed on our tour.

This can be also a 6 day 7 day or 8 day tour.

  • Our day will start in the morning between 8:00-9:00
  • Tour type : History ,Nature ,Swim ,Culinary ,Archaeology ,wine tasting ,Religious ,Panoramic
  • Destinations covered by tour : Tirana ,Kruje ,Shkoder ,Lezhe ,Durres ,Berat ,Apolloni ,Ardenice ,Vlore ,Llogara park ,Qeparo ,Dhermi ,Sarande ,Blue eye ,Ksamil ,Butrint ,Gjirokaster ,Permet ,Benja ,Korce ,Voskopoje ,Elbasan ,Pogradec
  • Its going to be 3-5 h drive for a day
  • Car :Private car only for our clients 4+1 8+1  15+1 Buss  – Cars are with air conditioned ,cd player ,radio ,electronic window open ,airbag
  • Our Guides: All our guides are professional .Licensed by the ministry of tourism.When you book the tour we will let you know about our available tour guides. We will send you a CV  from our professional guides and you can decide
  • Where to buy souvenirs : If you want to buy crafts or souvenirs during My dear Albania tour you can do it in Gjirokaster Kruje Berat
  • Local currency: Albanian Money is Lek . 1 euro is converted in 133 Albanian Lek Is good to use local currency because euro is not acceptable in every place
  • Weather – Wather in Albania is mostly sunny . Temperatures  minimum in winter -2 maximum in summer 42
  • When is good to visit Albania : You can do this tour in any time of the year. We suggest to be from March to October – so you can have the possibility to swim on the coast.

Day 1Arrive in Tirana Introduction with Albania overnight Tirana

We want to wish you a warm welcome in Albania . Its 1st day for you and we want you to enjoy it . After Check in Hotel we are going to feel Tirana ,the biggest Albanian town and in same time Its capital. Tirana is like a mosaic with different colors . Its history it’s a combination antiquity,ottoman WWII ,Communism.Still now day monuments and history of the past are here talking to us for their history . First we are going for a welcoming drink in a special place. Do you know what is Albanians favorite drink? We introduce you with our lovely Rakia . Raki its an alcoholic drink made by different type of fruits . The most common is from grape . So lets try some raki and Gezuar ( cheers in Albanian )/ Raki serves to warm up and to give some energy to walk around Tirana

• First we visit the Tirana centre planed from Italian architect during WW II
• Visit Ethem Beu Mosque – the central mosque of Tirana ,one of the most interesting religious monument
• Visit Bllok – The area where used to lived Communist Politician and now day its youth destination full of clubs ,bars ,restaurants
• Visit Tirana Pyramid Pyramids are not only in Egypt . We have one in Tirana right in her Heart.
• Visit Bunk Art – Tirana under alarm ,Westerns are striking with atomic bombs lets go inside the bunker !
• This bunker was build to protect important politicians of Albania in case of atomic strike so lets feel how is being in a bunker
• Time to sleep .
• Lets go back in Hotel and have a rest.

Day 2Tirana, Shkoder overnight Kruje - Meet Albanian culture ,history and try the best food

It’s a long day we will start early in the morning and start drive to north .Shkoder is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and was once a capital of the Illyrian state. Its famous as the city of bicycles ,city of humor ,or city of culture.In the same time known as the capital of North Albania . Kruja, one of Albania’s most historic and important towns due to the part it played in the resistance against the Ottomans. It was the birthplace of our national hero Scanderbeg .Its famous for its Bazaar and Craft shops. Ladies they are specialized on embroidering and mans for wood carving. Kruja is a mountainous town and build on the top of a scenic hill with the view of lakes ,mountains ,sea.

• Visit Scanderbeg Museum – There we will know more about his history ,personal life
• Visit Kruja Castle – Build during XI century and later centre of Albanian resistence against ottomans
• Visit ethnography museum – an old Albanian house of XVII century turned into a museum
• Free time to explore Kruja Bazaar – perfect place to buy crafts or souvenirs
• Drive to Mrizi I Zanave – One of the most unique farms in Albania offering varieties of traditional dishes Every food drink is homemade
• Drive to Shkoder
• Visit Rozafa Castle – Why Rozafa Castle ? Our guide will explain you the history of 2500 year old castle. Located in a scenic position from where you can enjoy the view of rivers ,lake ,sea
• Visit Shkodra Promenade or Pedonale- It’s a downtown street surrounded with Italian architecture buildings
• Visit Shkodra Central
• Visit Marubi Museum – Marubi was an Italian photographer during XIX century

Day 3Durres and Berat - Drive to the coastal city of Durres and explore the Albanian pearl Berat

Durres is the biggest coastal town of Albania. It was one of 4rth largest cities of antiquity in the world . Albanian 1st king Zog lived here Berat its one of the most beautiful towns in Albania . Rated by The Guardian as the 3rd most interesting destination of Europe. Famous for old houses and its castle . Berat is known as White citty ,Citty of Flowers ,City of Artists

• After breakfast start driving to Durres
• Walk into Italian part of Durres – It’s a downtown street surrounded by Italian building turned into bar ,restaurants ,shops.
• Visit Durres Amphiteatre – The biggest in Europe build during II century AD
• Visit Archeological museum – The biggest in Albania there we will understand better about Antiquity in Albania
• Walk into Durres Coast
• Visit Berat Castle – the biggest castle in Albania . There are numerous of monuments like churches ,mosques and Houses. Do you believe that people live inside this castle ?
• Visit Onufri Museum – Berat is famous for iconography . Onufri was one of the most known authors of Balkans . We will explain why Onufri was so important
• Lunch in an Albanian house inside the castle
• 1 h Free time to enjoy by your self the cabled streets and buy crafts
• Walk into Xhiro – A downtown street in Berat where all local hung out . There you will find bars ,restaurants ,shops
• Wine degustation – Berat is famous for wines . And if you like wine lets try some of the best wines

Day 4Apollonia, Vlore Overnight Llogara National Park or Qeparo

Today we are going to visit Ardenica Monastery. One of the most important monastery in Albania. Scanderbeg Albanian national hero weeding ceremony was here .After that we are going to Apollonia one of the biggest towns of the antiquity with Apolonia name. Its very important archaeological and historic site in Albania. The 3rd destination will be Vlora the biggest town of south. Known also as the capital of south. Vlora is known as the town of Independence. From here in 1912 Albanian Patriot declare the Independence of Albania . It’s a long day after vlora is Llogara one of the biggest national parks in Albania. Located more than 1200 me over sea level.

• Visit Ardenica monastery – our tour guide will talk about the importance of this monastery
• Vist Fier- Se the communist factory and flasts

Day 5Llogara – Butrint – Overnight Sarande An unforgettable journey and best views of Albanian Coast . Explore the natural and historical beauty of Butrint

Today its going to be a scenic drive . and onto the ruins of Butrint, Albania's most important archaeological site, and a UNESCO site. Butrint dates from the 7th century BC, later becoming a Roman colony, then falling under the sway of the Venetians and Turks. Explore numerous buildings including an acropolis, basilica and palace. During this day we will have opportunity to visit old coastline villages . Stop on the best view points and if you like swim in the deep crystal waters of Ionian sea. A lunch in Ksamil , a picturesque village of coast ,rated as the 5th best coast of Europe. Overnight will ne Sarande famous for its coast and the best views . Walk into one of the best nature parks called Blue eye. Famous for its spring and nature.

• Visit several villages on coast- Albanian coast is famous for old villages build on hills with stunning views of Ionian sea
• Swim – there are numerous bays on coast if you like we can spend a hour swimming on deep crystal waters
• Visit Ali Pasha Castle – A small castle build on an island
• Visit Butrint – the oldest archaeological site in Albania ,famous for nature and its lake
• Visit Ksamil – a village on coast famous for its islands and white sand
• Visit Sarande – The southern part of Albania
• Visit Blue Eye – nature park famous for biodiversity and its spring
• Visit Lekursi Castle – The best view point of Sarande ,may be a café or dinner there
• Free time after dinner to explore sarande

Day 6Sarande Gjirokaster overnight Permet – Another special day with combination of nature history and culinary

This morning we explore Gjirokaster, known as stone city and for traditional architecture. This special town birthplace of Albanian communist dictator Enver Hoxha and Nobel Price candidate Ismail Kadare. Gjirokastra is famous for Argjiro castle and old bazaar area. Permet is a small town . Known also as the city of flowers. We are going to explore best of Permet Village of Benja and have a relaxing afternoon at the famous thermal waters which form small natural pools. This town is famous for its culinary ,we will try Gliko a desert made of every fruit.

• Visit Gjirokastra old town
• Visit Argjiro Castle – a castle of XII century
• Visit Enver Hoxha House – Albanian Dictator was born in Gjirokastra
• Visit Zekati House – A typical Albanian house of XVII century still well preserved .
• Walk into Gjirokastra Bazaar – Bazaar of gjirokastra is one of the most interesting part of our journey . Here we will find numerous of crafts and also the best Albanian architecture
• Visit Permet
• Visit Thermal Waters – it’s a scenic attraction . In the same time thermal waters of permet are famous as curative waters
• Walk into small town of Permet
• Gliko Degustation – we will try some of the best Gliko . Lets go to see gliko process and taste it.
• Free time to explore the small town

Day 7Permet overnight Korce – A day into mountainous south Albania

On our journey we will past through old villages of south and enjoy views of mountains ,lake ,rivers. While we travel via southeast we will drive on mountains. We will be 2100 m over sea level today. This area is famous for its natural beauty untouched by humans. Its not a touristic destination but its really best of South. Korce is famous town for its ,culture ,traditions and intellectuals. Numerous Albanian patriots ,writers ,fighters are from Korce. In the same time its famous for hospitality culinary and architecture.

• Several stops on view points – it’s a long journey and we will make several stops to enjoy the views
• Visit Farma Sotira – an agro farm on our way to Korca . May be a drink a café ,ride a horse ,fishing or walking on its special nature
• Visit Korca
• Walk into Korca Bazar – a bazaar from XVII century with traditional architecture of Korca region
• Visit Cathedral – The biggest church of Korca and the 2nd biggest in Albania
• Visit Korca Mosque – The oldest monument in Korce
• Walk into Shetitore – Shetitore or Promenade of Korca is best of Korca. Many Albanians comes here to enjoy a café and listen some Serenade

Day 8 Voskopoja Elbasan Overnight Tirana -Visit old churches and a traditional village around 1300m above sea level enjoy the beauty of Lake Ohrid.

We will drive to Voskopoja . The first press of Europe during XV century was here. This village is famous for its nature and Churches . More than 17 churches are here. After that we proceed to Pogradec a small town on the Ohrid lake shore. We are going to visit the Castle of Elbasan and see the communist factory of steal.

• Visit Voskpoja – Mountainous village famous for its churches and nature
• Lunch in Pogradec- A special fish indigenous fish is on Ohrid Lake ,lets try some Koran
• Overnight Tirana – Dinner with traditional Albanian music and dancer
• Free time

Day 9Departure - Transfer to the airport for your departure

• On the last day we can plane an activity for you . It depend the departure time.
• If we will have time we are going to visit an agro farm near Tirana. See how a family turn a military base into a agro farm . And how they turned the bunkers and tunnels of guns into wine producing places
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