3 Day tour rustic life in Berat


Rustic Life in Berat! Live Like Locals. Tommor Mountain Villages

Visit South East Albania, a big region where some of the nicest cities are located.  Berat and Korca are famous for the history ,culture ,art and tradition.Between them there are some hidden treasures like Skrapar Aka Corovode famous for nature, water, mountains and the Osumi Canyon. Polican is a small town founded only to create guns during communist time

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An epic tour from Berat to the mountainous park will take you close to a large number of animals such as bears, wolves, and birds of prey day. In addition to its scientific aspects, the natural park landscape is a melting pot of recreation, history, and culture. Apart from the wild, also meet the locals who live in the national park.

 Day 1: Berat–Roshnik-Dardhe–Sotira waterfall

  • We start from Berat early in the morning. Our professional local drivers will come to pick you up.
  • Prepare for an unforgettable scenic drive from Berat to Roshnik.
  • 10 minute tour of Roshnik, a famous village with a rich history. Known as the origin of The Köprülü family, a noble family of Albanian origin in the Ottoman Empire. The family provided six grand viziers (including Kara Mustafa Pasha, who was a stepson).
  • After a café break we start our adventure to Dardha. It is going to take 1h 30 minutes.
  • Dardha is a 700-year-old village, with a beautiful nature located in the heart of National Park.
  • Just five families live living in the village today and they survive on farming. It seems like the life here has stopped 300 years ago. They are hospitable, kind, warm, wise and hard workers, but still far away from modernity.
  • After a drive with an unforgettable view, we arrive in Dardha. Here we meet our local guide who will take us for a 2 hour trek to an amazing waterfall called Sotira. It is the most beautiful waterfall of Albania, coming out from a cave and nobody knows where all this water comes from. Locals believe it to be a miracle of the God of Mountains.
  • We will then enjoy a picnic lunch. Some can enjoy the fresh water while the others can explore nature, caves, birds and animals.
  • We start the trek back to Dardha.
  • We will stay overnight in Dardha, and since it is going to be cold, an fire in the garden will be arranged while you are enjoying the stars and listening to the voice of mother nature before a peaceful sleep.
  • Raki will also be made available for your enjoyment

Day 2: Explore the beauty of Tomorr

  • We will start early in the morning. It will be full trekking day through the stunning view of the park to reach our second destination called Tomorr.
  • Tomorr is an old village. Its history starts before 1500 years and this is proved by the ruins of an ancient castle located in the top of a huge rock.
  • It will be a three-hour trek to reach Tomorr from Dardhe. Same as Dardhe, we will find some old houses and a traditional way of living. Each village is unique.
  • We will receive a warm welcome from the locals and then we enjoy a glass of Raki in a Turkish café.
  • For the rest of the day we will explore this unique village hosted by locals and hiking in the Holy Mountain.
  • Visit the ruins of 1200-year-old castle along with bird-watching, walking and exploring the rustic life. The scenic height will be 1800m above sea level
  • We will enjoy a traditional picnic lunch on a beautiful valley over 1700m above sea level.
  • Start our trek back to the village.
  • Dinner with traditional food (this area is famous for culinary)
  • Sleep in a local house

Day 3: Another scenic hike in the Tomorr Mountain

  • We will begin early in the morning and eat breakfast outside in nature and enjoy the wind and view of the village. It will be hard to say goodbye to the locals here who have been living alone for such a long time.
  • Here you are not just a visitor for them but also a part of their families. So you can expect a lot of hugs and smiles from them. In Albanian tradition, a guest is very important and they will do everything to make you happy.
  • Start trekking to Lybesha, which is also an old village and its history is more than 500 years old. This trek will need more energy than 2 other treks but don’t worry, if someone is tired he can try to “Drive the Donkey “
  • We will hike in a place called Stradom, an alpine valley located 900m over sea level.
  • It will be a perfect day to explore this valley. Hiking, Trekking, Birdwatching, Photo and Nature.
  • We eat our lunch here.
  • After lunch 1 h walk to the car . Our drivers are waiting for us there .
  • Late in the afternoon, we go back to Berat with an unforgettable taste in your soul.

What’s Included?

  • Accommodation 1st and 2nd day In local Houses
  • All transport as per itinerary with our 4×4 cars
  • Food: 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 breakfast
  • Drinks : Raki, Wine, Water

What’s Extra ?

  • If you want to buy something from local products

Additional Information

  • Prices are flexible
  • It’s going to be about 5 -7 h hike for each day
  • This is an authentic tour. We are going to eat and sleep in houses of locals. They are not trained to work on tourism.
  • This is a rustic area, simple people offering accommodation to us. It will be not air conditioned but we will have a fire place in the room.
  • This tour is designed to escape busy modern life.
  • Please let us know if you have any special requests or need special accommodations.
  • Be sure to bring: comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, jacket, hat, camera, and mosquito spray.
  • This tour can be 1 or 2 days. The goal of this tour is take you closed to real Albanian tradition and to the best nature places still unknown by tourists.
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